From Thoughts of Saint Therese:  The Little Flower of Jesus, Carmelite of the Monastery of Lisieux, 1873-1897, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., Rockford, IL  61105

     Our dreams, our desires of perfection are not vain imaginations, since Jesus Himself has given us this Commandment;  He said:  "Be you, therefore, perfect, as also your Heavenly Father is perfect."  (Matt. 5:48) 
                                                         (pp. 87-88)  II Letter to her sister Celine

     O Jesus, suffer me to tell Thee that Thy Love reacheth even unto folly ... What wilt Thou, in face of this folly, but that my heart dart upwards to Thee -- how can my confidence have any bounds? 
                                                                           (p. 89) Story of a Soul, Ch. XI

     One evening as they were telling her something which had been said at recreation, touching the responsibility of those who have the charge of souls, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus spoke these beautiful words:  "To him that is little, mercy is granted.'  [Wisdom 6:7].  It is possible to remain little, even in the most important offices; and is it not written that at the end the Lord will arise to save the meek and humble of the earth?  [Cf.  Ps. 75:10].  It says not to judge but to save." 
                                                                  (pp. 90-91)  Story of a Soul, Ch. XII

Having caused her pain, a novice went to ask pardon of Saint Therese, who replied with emotion:  "If you only knew what I feel!  Never have I so well understood with what love Jesus receives us, when, after a fault we beg Him to forgive us.  If I, His poor little creature, feel such tenderness for you the moment you return to me, what must pass in the Heart of the good God when we return to Him?...Yes, surely, more swiftly yet then I have just done, will He forget all our iniquities, never again to remember them...He will do even more -- He will love us still better than before our fault!..." 
                                                                 (p. 93)  Counsels and Reminiscences

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