From Thoughts of Saint Therese:  The Little Flower of Jesus, Carmelite of the Monastery of Lisieux, 1873-1897, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., Rockford, IL  61105

     The sole happiness upon earth consists in hiding oneself and remaining in total ignorance of created things. 
                                                                         (p. 58)  Story of a Soul, Ch. VIII

     In this world we must not become attached to anything -- not even things the most innocent, for they fail us at the moment when we are least expecting it.  The eternal alone can satisfy us. 

                                           (p. 59) I Letter to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart

     A novice asked some of the Sisters to help to shake blankets, which being rather worn, she cautioned them somewhat sharply to be careful not to tear.  Saint Therese remarked:  "What would you do if it were not your office to mend these blankets?... With what detachment you would then act!  And if you did point out that they are easily torn, how free from self-interest it would be.  Thus, never let the least shadow of self-interest glide into your actions." 

                                                                  (p. 64)  Counsels and Reminiscences

     "How do you manage so to practice virtue," asked a novice, "as to be always the same, invariably joyous and composed?"
     "It has not been always so," she replied, "but ever since I have shunned all self-seeking I lead the happiest life that can be." 
                                                                  (p. 65)  Counsels and Reminiscences

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