Love of Our Neighbor

From Thoughts of Saint Therese:  The Little Flower of Jesus, Carmelite of the Monastery of Lisieux, 1873-1897, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., Rockford, IL  61105

     I applied myself above all to practice quite hidden little acts of virtue; thus I liked to fold the mantles forgotten by the Sisters, and sought a thousand opportunities of rendering them service.

                                                        Story of a Soul, Ch. VII

     True Charity consists in a bearing with all the defects of our neighbor, in not being surprised at his failings, and in being edified by his least virtues; Charity must not remain shut up in the depths of the heart, for no man lighteth a candle and putteth it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house.  (Cf.  Matt. 5:15).  It seems to me that this candle represents the Charity which ought to enlighten and make joyful, not only those who are dearest to me, but all who are in the house.
                                                        Story of a Soul, Ch. IX

     When Charity is deeply rooted in the soul it shows itself exteriorly:  there is so gracious a way of refusing what we cannot give, that the refusal pleases as much as the gift.
                                                        Story of a Soul, Ch. IX

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