From Thoughts of Saint Therese:  The Little Flower of Jesus, Carmelite of the Monastery of Lisieux, 1873-1897, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., Rockford, IL  61105

    As I had self-love as well as the love of what is right it was sufficient but once to tell me:  "Such a thing should not be done," and I would have no desire to do it again.
                                                   (p. 77) Story of a Soul, Ch. I

     During her illness the infirmarian had recommended Saint Therese to take a little walk in the garden every day for a quarter of an hour.  For her, this advice was a command.  One afternoon, a Sister seeing her walk with much difficulty said to her:  "You would do far better to rest, in such circumstances walking can do you no good, you exhaust yourself, that is all."
     "It is true," replied the child of Obedience, "but do you know what gives me strength? ... Well, I walk for a missionary.  I think how some one of them far away, yonder, is perhaps exhausted in his apostolic journeyings, and to lessen his fatigue I offer mine to the good God."
                                                                  (p. 77-78) Story of a Soul, Ch. XII

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