Accompanying Jesus: How are you Jesus?

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Diary of adoration by Sally Choi

Date: March 17 2009

When I went to adoration this morning, the adoration chapel was being cleaned so that the Eucharist had been moved to a temporary room. An elderly and a priest were also there. This room is big and has windows all around so that we can see the trees and shrub outside. We also heard the birds singling and the children playing. I could not concentrate in prayer. I was so distracted that even Eucharist looks ordinary at that time. After the elderly left, only the priest and I were in the room, and I continued to say the rosary. Then a staff came to tell the priest that the adoration chapel had finished cleaning, and it was ready to move the Eucharist back to the chapel. The staff then left. Then the priest said to me, “Let us bring the Eucharist back to the chapel now.?p/> As Father raised up the Eucharist in the Emporium and as I looked at Jesus, I wanted so much to go forward to greet him that I had even forgotten the formality to genuflect. So I spontaneously come forward right in front of Jesus. With both hands closed, I bowed and greeted, “How are you Jesus!?I had acted so naturally and my greeting was loud that Father laughed a little bit.

I then walked behind Father as he was holding Jesus. My mind was completely occupied that I could so closely encounter Jesus and followed him. This is the first time during adoration that I felt this way that I simply have to go forward to greet Jesus even in front of Father. Jesus is so real. He is really in front of me! Oh, Jesus is so dear and intimate. Jesus is so close to me and so warm!

We walked to the adoration chapel, and father placed Jesus back on to the altar. Then father asked me to sing a hymn with him, but I do not know the hymn in English. So I prayed, “Jesus please teach me. I do not know how to sing.?As father began to sing slowly, I found that I was able to follow! It was wonderful. There were only the voices of father and me, and it was very sweet.

Father left afterwards after thanking me. So, only I remained there, looking deeply into Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus had overwhelmed me. I cried and was very touched. I thanked Jesus granting me such a big favor ?that I can go forward to greet You! I even desired to go up to the altar to embrace the Eucharist. Oh Jesus my Lord, I want to praise you. I want to thank you and love you for my entire life! Alleluia.