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Catholic church in Asia

Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan : Sapporo Diocese; Sendai Diocese; Niigata Diocese; Saitama Diocese; Tokyo Archdiocese; Yokohama Diocese; Nagoya Diocese; Kyoto Diocese; Osaka Archdiocese; Hiroshima Diocese; Takamatsu Diocese; Fukuoka Diocese; Nagasaki Archdiocese; Oita Diocese; Kagoshim Diocese; Naha Archdiocese. Holy Ring(Churches in Japan) Memorial Cathedral for World Peace

Hong Kong Catholic church

CathNews India (News site of the Catholic Bishops's Conference of India)

Conference of Catholic Bishops of India

Catholic Bishops's Conference of India

Dioceses in India

Korea Catholic church (in Korean)

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines

Singapore Catholic church

Taiwan Catholic church

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