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Prayer祈禱: Catholic Prayers天主教經文; Rosary玖瑰經; Divine Mercy神聖慈悲; Novena九日敬禮 /Special intentions特別意向祈禱; Stations of the Cross拜苦路; Eucharistic Adoration朝拜聖體; Vesper大日課; Others

Publication 出版/文章

Spiritual 靈修

Sharing of Faith 信仰分享

Saints 聖人, Year of St. Paul 保祿年

Youths 青少年

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Directory of Catholic sites in English 英文天主教網頁


Chinese Radio of Spiritual Services (Cross Radio)

Frequently Asked Questions (audio) (Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation)

Catholic Faith Hotline (audio) (Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation)

Fountain of Love and Life (Video) (Salt + Light Television)

Spiritual Formation Talks on Faith, Scripture, Liturgy, Spirituality, Family, Mariage, Science and Faith, etc. (audio) (Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation)

Talks on Mary (audio) (Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation)

Hongkong Diocesan Audio-Visual Center Kat Radio: sermon audio programs

Story Kingdom (Audio) Radio Veritas (Chinese Catholic Audio Website)

Homilies by Fr. Thomas Kwan (Living Faith Society Ltd.)

Homilies (Hong Kong Diocese; audio: listen with Real Player)

Homilies at Holy Cross Church


Sunday Mass Homily (Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation)

Spiritual Talks by Fr. Abraham Chiu

Interviews by Fr. Abraham Chiu

Spiritual Talks by Sister Elaine Pang


See Music/Hymn category

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Bible 聖經

Bible 聖經: (繁體思高 聖經Traditional Chinese); (简体 思高圣经Simplified Chinese); (思 高繁體漢英聖經Traditional Chinese and English-Douay); (思高简 体汉英圣经Simplified Chinese and English-Douay); (繁 体漢英牧靈聖經 Traditional Chinese and English-CCB); (简 体汉英牧灵圣经Simplified Chinese and English-CCB); Talks on St. Paul by Pope Benedict 16 (

Hong Kong Stadium Biblicanum Franciscanum香港思高聖經學會: Traditional Chinese Bible繁體思高聖經 (

Simplied Chinese Bible简体思高圣经 (

Simplied Chinese Bible简体思高圣经 (

Traditional Chinese Bible繁體思 高聖經 (

 Traditional Chinese Bible繁體思高聖經 (

Chinese Bible繁體思高聖經; 天主的啟 示教義憲章 (

Daily mass reading (Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision)

Daily mass reading (Singapore)

Word of Life (

Learn Bible on-line (Singapore: Carlo Catholic Society)

Reflections on Sunday mass Gospel according to St. Luke

Justice and Judge 正義與審判:默示錄釋義(on Revelation by Fr. Abraham Chiu) (

The dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to the Meditations of Anne Catherine Emmerich (parts of the book on Passion, resurrection, early church, etc.)

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Catechism 天主教要理

Catechism of the Catholic Church (

Catechism of the Catholic Church in simplified Chinese; in traditional Chinese (

Online Catechism/Renewal course (free) (Hong Kong Diocese Laity Association)

Taiwan Diocese Catechism Office (lession plans for children, youth and adults)

Frequently Asked Questions (audio) (Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation)

Same Root Catholic versus non-Catholic Christians

Catholicism 1 天主教 第一集 : 既惊且惧-耶稣,人性天主性的合一 (50:02); Catholicism 2 天主教 第二集 : 我等喜乐 耶稣的教诲 (52:53); Catholicism 3 天主教 第三集 : 天主临在 不可言喻的伟大奥迹 (51:42); Catholicism 4 天主教 第四集 天主之母玛利亚 我们血气本性唯一的自豪 (48:51); Catholicism 5 天主教 第五集 不可或缺的人:伯多禄,保禄,及他们的福传历险 (58:00); Catholicism 6 天主教 第六集 受难与光荣的肉身:基督与教会的奇妙共融 (46:43); Catholicism 7 天主教 第七集 圣言成为血肉,从天上来的食粮:礼仪与圣体圣事的奥迹 (48:47); Catholicism 8 天主教 第八集 见证的博大精深:诸圣相通功 (58:33); Catholicism 9 天主教 第九集 : 祂的爱火祈祷与灵性生命 (41:01); Catholicism 10 天主教 第十集 : 及世之世 万民四末 (51.05) (Fr. Robert Barron youtube)

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Children 兒童

Story Kingdom (Audio)

1001 Corner (H.K. Diocesan Audio-Visual Centre)

Radio program on parenting ”親子心” 華人親子關係廣播節目 (by Fr. Abraham Chiu's team)

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Evangelization 福傳

Evangelization for Overseas Chinese

New York City Envangelization Concert 2000

Finding God in the Mountains (YouTube)

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Information 資料

Catholic Information Links

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Liturgy 禮儀

Daily mass reading (Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision)

Shalom: Thoughts for prayer with the daily liturgy (

Liturgical Year and Liturgical Calendar (Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision)

Lent (Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision)

Liturgy PowerPoint files (


Homilies by Fr. Thomas Kwan (Living Faith Society Ltd.)

Homilies (Hong Kong Diocese; audio: listen with Real Player)

Sunday Mass Homily (Hong Kong Diocesan Office for Laity Formation)

Homilies at Holy Cross Church(

Homily in Cantonese - Homilies on Youtube: 2nd Sunday in Lent (Transfiguration), 3rd Sunday in Lent (Living water), 4th Sunday in Lent (Light), 5th Sunday in Lent (Resurrection); Homily after Easter (Fr. Abraham Chiu)

Homily in Mandarin - Homilies on Youtube: 2nd Sunday in Lent (Transfiguration), 3rd Sunday in Lent (Living water), 4th Sunday in Lent (Light), 5th Sunday in Lent (Resurrection) (YouTube by Fr. Abraham Chiu)

Holy Year

Holy Year: View with Chinese software; Adobe file (Acrobat viewer needed); Word file (Chinese software needed)

Holy Year -- Liturgy for Open Ceremony: View with Chinese software; Adobe file (Acrobat viewer needed); Word file (Chinese software needed)

Holy Year -- Prayer: View with Chinese software; Adobe file (Acrobat viewer needed); Word file (Chinese software needed)

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Music/Hymn 聖樂/聖歌

Hymns (Our Lady of Perpertual Church, Calgary)

Hymns (Chinese, English, Taize) (Catholic Society, HKU)

Hymns (Montreal Chinese Catholic Mission)

Hymns (

Praise Yeshua (Chinese) (Praise njcca)

Hymns PowerPoint files (Chinese) (

Short Hymns (Chinese) (

Hymns (Chinese) (Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community)

m4christ music (

小 德兰爱心书屋: 德兰圣乐网; 圣 书音频

Music: others

Stream of Praise PowerPoint download

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Meditation 默想


Last Seven Words on the Cross

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Religious & Groups 修會/善會

Beautitudes Community

Society of Jesus, Chinese Province

Cardinal Kung Foundation

Chinese Prayer "If My people, who are called by My Name, humble themselves and pray, and seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways, then I shall hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chr 7:14)

Legion of Mary: Handbook ; Legion prayer (

Christian Life Community (Hong Kong)

Friends of Children with Special Needs

Ministry for Christ -- Charismatic Prayer

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Obituary 紀念

Cardinal Kung

Cardinal John Baptist Wu: Life Chinese English; Homilies and reports Chinese English; Liturgy

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Prayer 祈禱

Catholic Prayers; Rosary; Divine Mercy; Novena / Special intentions; Stations of the Cross; Eucharistic Adoration; Vesper; Others;

Catholic Prayers 天主教經文

Catholic Prayers (

Prayers ( website)

Prayers (

Catholic Prayers: Chinese to English and English to Chinese (helping Catholics learn how to pray in Chinese) (

Divine Mercy 神聖慈悲

Divine Mercy (with Cantonese,

Divine Mercy (

Divine Mercy Chaplet (Tainam Diocese website)

Diary of St. Faustina (

慈 悲串经(歌咏调) (小德兰爱心书屋)

Rosary 玖瑰經

Rosary (with both Mandarin and Cantonese,

Rosary (in Mandarin,

Rosary Mistery; Rosary meaning (Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision)

Rosary: Mystery of Light (UnioCommunitas)

Rosary (San Jose Chinese Catholic Community)

Rosary Mysteries (Tainam Diocese website)

Meditations on the sorrowful mysteries (Cantonese sound program by Fr. Abraham Chiu)

Rosary (Calgary Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church)

Novena / special devotion 九日敬禮 / 特別意向

Novena Prayers (

Eucharist prayer / Sacred Heart prayer / Holy face prayer / Blessed Mary / 15 prayers of St. Bridget (

Cenacle (

Novena to the Holy Spirit: 1; 2

Pray for China

Stations of the Cross 拜苦路

Stations of the Cross (ABDK); Stations of the Cross (Our Lady of Assumption Parish) (

Stations of the Cross (Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision)

Stations of the Light (Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision)

Stations of the Cross (

朝拜聖體Eucharist and adoration

敬禮耶穌聖體經文 Eucharist prayers (; 明供聖體

明供聖體 Perpetual Adoration: 為何朝拜明供 聖體? Why Perpetual Adoration?, 怎樣朝拜聖 體?教宗若望保祿二世的教導 Pope John Paul II on Perpetual Adoration, 教宗本篤十 六世 Pope Benedict XVI on Perpetual Adoration, 真 福德蘭修女 Blessed Mother Teresa witness, 魯依 尼樞機及仰光總主教 Cardinal Vescovi on Perpetual Adoration, 一 堂區主任司鐸 Witness by a parish priest, 一位修 女 Witness by a religious sister, 一個十一 歲的小女孩 Witness by Bishop Fulton Sheen about a 11-year old girl in China  (

Fr Patrick's Talks on Perpetual Adoration 朝拜聖體七講: 天上各種屬神的祝福 Every Spiritual Blessing in the Heaven; 堂區團體 The Parish Community; 慈母之心的神學 A Theology of a Mother's Heart; 慈父之心的神學 Theology of a Father's Heart; 新福傳 New Evangelization; 與天主談情 God Loves Me; 讓 你們的光照耀 Let Your Light Shine (courtesy of Fr. Patrick and Eucharistic Oblate for the Vulnerable)

明供聖體之默觀與祈禱 Meditations and Prayers for Eucharistic Adoration by Fr. John Tran (

傷健聖體御待團 Eucharistic Oblate for the Vulnerable : 關 於傷健聖體御侍團 About Eucharistic Oblate for the Vulnerable; 明 供聖體 Eucharistic Adoration; 彼 此代禱 Intercession; 明 供聖體中心 Adoration Centers; 活 動詳情 Events of the month (

給 多默神父的信

聖體鴻恩 Gift of the Eucharist: 傷健聖體御侍團; 朝拜明 供聖體的神效; 聖體改 變了她; 母親的 抉擇; 在聖體 前的投訴; 在聖體 主的光照下重獲新生; 我祇須 把癱子帶到耶穌跟前; 求則得; 祂醫治 了我的靈魂; 要讓耶 穌得到祂應享的尊崇 (courtesy of Eucharistic Oblate for the Vulnerable and reprint from Kung Kao Po)

陪伴耶穌聖體 Accompanying Jesus: 為忙碌的 人, Even for Busy People; 四旬期避 靜分享, A Lenten Retreat Sharing; 四旬期避 靜的祈禱, Prayer from a Lenten Retreat; 母親,請 把您的無玷聖心借給我!, Mother, May I Borrow Your Immaculate Heart?; 一位天上 的耶穌會會士 , A Future Jesuit; 耶穌你 好!, How are You Jesus; 耶穌愛 你,耶穌邀請你,你願意來嗎?, 10 Reasons to Adore Jesus; 在 旅途中陪伴耶穌, In a trip; 主, 我病了!, The World is Ill (

世界各國的聖體奇蹟 Eucharistic Miracles of the World (

救主慈悲:領聖體 Divine Mercy on Eucharist  (

朝拜聖體,彌撒,領聖體 : 耶 穌在哪裡?; 彌撒聖祭是 十字架祭獻的重現; 舊 約的祭獻與新約的祭獻(十字架祭獻及彌撒)有什麼關係?; 彌撒是最 好的祈禱方式; 領 聖體是領受生命之糧 (若6); 彌撒聖祭禮儀 的意義; (courtesy of Eucharistic Oblate for the Vulnerable)

圣女傅天娜日记精华: 弥撒与圣体神视 (小德兰爱心书屋)

敬禮耶穌、聖容、苦難、聖心經文 Prayers to Jesus, Holy Face, before Crucifix, and Sacred Heart (

聖女畢哲的十五首禱文 15 prayers of St. Bridget (

Sharing of Sr. Margaret Wong (voice)黃靜儀修女朝拜聖體分享

Eucharist Adoration sharing 陪伴耶穌聖體分享
Title Slides Youtube Voice
Opening prayer slides 國語普通话 (2分 鐘),粤語(1 分鐘)
Why so important today?
slides 粤語(26 分鐘) 國語普通话 (38 分鐘),粤語(26 分鐘)
Intimacy with Jesus
slides 粤語(6分鐘) 國語普通话 (10 分鐘),粤語(6 分鐘)
Commitment of love even in my weaknesses
slides 粤語(17分鐘) 國語普通话 (45 分鐘),粤語 (17 分鐘),粤語 問與答
Commitment of love and the largest pearl
Sweetness versus obstacles
slides 粤語(14分鐘) 國語普通话 (15 分鐘),粤語 (14 分鐘)
The heart of the church with St. Therese
slides 粤語(17 分鐘) 國語普通话 (27 分鐘),粤 語(17分鐘)
Eucharist in the mass
slides 粤語(17 分鐘) 國語普通话 (40 分鐘),粤語 (17 分鐘),粤語 問與答
An hour with Jesus
slides 粤語(7 分鐘) 國語普通话 (14分鐘),粤 語(7 分鐘)
Accompany Jesus with Mary
slides 粤語(3 分鐘) 國語普通话 (8 分鐘),粤 語(3 分鐘)
Questions and answers
slides 粤語(17 分鐘) 國語普通话 (10 分鐘),粤語 (17 分鐘)
Accompany Jesus with saints
國語普通话 (4 分鐘)
Spiritual Communion
粤語(3 分鐘) 國語普通话 (2 分鐘)

 基督的靈魂Anima Christi  (Youtube music)

Prayer: Vesper 大日課

 Vesper 大日課 (

Prayer: others 其他

33 Days Prayer Consecration Preparation for the Triumphant Victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Traditional Chinese, in Simplified Chinese, (

Centering prayer ( website)

Stream of Praise

Prayers of Legion of Mary (

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publication/articles 出版 / 文章

Christian Life Weekly (Taiwan)

小 德兰爱心书屋: 圣人行传; 灵修书籍; 专著连载; 信仰生活; 圣经典藏; 神学文献; 教牧资料; 儿童天地

Domus Mundi (Center for international studies, technologies and knowledge)

Hongkong Diocese Kung Kao Po

Spiritual Thoughts(Holy Spirit Seminary)

Mainland China: Faith Online (Catholic newspaper in China)

Immitation of Christ (

Washed by the waves 滾滾長江東逝水 (short articles by Fr. Abraham Chiu)

Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena(

Taiwan Kuangchi Press

Ministry for Christ Witnesses

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Saints 聖人

Saints (

Saints; Saints by date with liturgy(

Saints; Chinese martyrs and saints(


Saints today(

Saints index (

Saints index (

Saints index(

Jesuit saints(

Franciscan calendar of saints(

Franciscan Chinese martyr saints(

St. Anthony Biography (at HongKong St. Anthony's Church webpage)

Saints and Blessed in Dominican Family (

St. John Bosco Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4; Don Bosco: brief story in Simplified Chinese; Don Bosco dream at 9 year old, Don Bosco and youth murderer, Don Bosco Dream of China in Traditional Chinese, Don Bosco relic to China, Don Bosco children's song; Blessed Michael Rua (YouTube)

Miracle of Love - Mother Teresa (YouTube)

佳蘭與方濟 1 (YouTube 1:36:19), 佳蘭與方濟 2 (YouTube 1:44:26)

St. Padre Pio 聖畢奥神父傳 (YouTube 3:20:57)

St. Therese of Lisieux (This page in Chinese to spread the spirituality of St. Therese is under construction)

Year of St. Paul 保祿年

Year of St. Paul: Prayer of St. Paul; Plenary Indulgence; Lectio Divina (

St. Paul: Conversion, 1st Missionary journal, 2nd Missionary journal, 3rd Missionary journal, Later years and Martyrdom (

Lecture notes on the Faith and Missionary experience of St. Paul (Lee); Lecture notes on the Faith and Missionary experience of St. Paul (Fr. Law) (

Pauline Year: Life of St. Paul; Thessalonia; Galatians; Philippians; Philemon; 1Corinthians (

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Youths 青年

World Youth Day, Toronto 2002 (

Los Angeles St. Bridget's Church Youth group (Shepherd)

FHL Power Adventure Training Centre

Mary Help of Christians, Our Lady of China

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Sharing of Faith 信仰分享

Faith Sharing

Sharing Articles (Living Faith Society Ltd.)

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Spiritual 靈修

Ignatian Spirituality 依納爵靈修空間

Web retreat (

34-week online Retreat for Everyday Life 在平日生活中進行的三十四周網上避靜(退修)的旅程

Spiritual Express (Edmonston) 靈修速遞: 由愛民頓華人天主堂靈修網絡製作

MingLin webpage on Catholic information 明花有主: 為天主教教友和學習天主教信仰的慕道者而設的網站

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Chinese Catholic church in:華人天主教團體

Australia 澳洲, Canada 加拿大, Europe 歐洲, Hong Kong 香港, Macau澳門, Mainland China中國, Southeast Asia 東南亞, Taiwan 台灣, USA 美國

Chinese Catholic Church in Australia / New Zealand 澳洲 / 紐西蘭

Chinese Catholic Communities of Australia (Directory, Australia)

Australian Catholic Chinese Community: Chinese Catholic Pastoral Centre, Western Sydney Catholic Chinese Community, Asiana Centre Association (New South Wales)

Chinese Catholic Community Inc., Sydney Australia (New South Wales)

Diocese of Parramatta Chinese Chaplaincy (Sydney, New South Wales)

Chinese Catholic Community of Melbourne (Victoria)

Perth Chinese Catholic Community (Western Australia)

Chinese Catholic Community Darwin (Northern Territory)

Chinese Catholic Community Brisbane Youth Group (Queensland)

Adelaide Chinese Catholic Community (South Australia)

Auckland Chinese Catholic Community (New Zealand)

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Chinese Catholic Church in Canada 加拿大

VanCouver BC: Corpus Christi Parish 基督聖體堂 

VanCouver BC: St. Francis Xavier Parish 聖方濟沙威華人天主堂

Richmond BC: Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church 加拿大殉道聖人天主堂5771 Granville Avenue, Richmond, BC, Canada, V7C 1E8

Calgary, Alberta: Our Lady of Perpetual Help 卡城永援聖母堂 ( 華人天主教牧民中心 )

Edmonton, Alberta: Mary Help of Christians Chinese Catholic Parish 愛民頓瑪利亞進教之佑華人天主堂

Ottawa, Ontario: Ottawa Chinese Catholic Community 加京華人天主教團體

Ontario: Waterloo Chinese Catholic Community 滑鐵盧天主教中國同學會

Ontario: McMaster Chinese Catholic Community

Mississauga, Ontario: Saviour of the World Chinese Catholic Church天主教救世主堂30 Bristol Road West, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3K3

Toronto, Ontario: Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church 天主教中華殉道聖人堂2755 Denison, Markham, ON L3S 2J3, Canada

Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto Chinese Catholic Community

Toronto, Ontario: St. Agnes Kouying Tsao Catholic Church 聖曹桂英堂2130 Rodick Road, Markham, Ontario, Canada L6C 1S7

Toronto, Ontario: Toronto Chinese Catholic Centre - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church 多倫多天主教華僑中心嘉模聖母堂202 St. Patrick Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 1V4

Montreal, Quebec: Chinese Catholic Mission 滿地可中華天主堂

Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp 加拿大東岸天主教華人生活營

Western Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp 加拿大西岸天主教華人生活營

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Chinese Catholic Church in Mainland China 中國大陸

Mainland China Churches Index

Mainland China Church search (

Baoding - Baoding Diocese

Beijing - Church directory

Beijing北京新西城区 - South Cathedral南堂: Xuanwumen Church of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary宣武门圣母无染原罪堂 (Address: 141 Xuanwumen Inner Street Dajie, Xuanwu District, Beijing北京市西城区宣武门内大街,前门在宣武门东大街141号 Tel电话66026538) (Bus公交车线路 102,105,109,Special 2; subway Line 2, 4 Xuanwumen station地铁2号、4号线在宣武门下车B2出口)Mass弥撒——Sun主日:6:30pm(Sat周六), 6am Latin拉丁文, 7, 8:30am, 10:30am English英文, 3:30pm English英文; Weekday平日:6am Latin拉丁文, 6:30am, 7:15am; adoration Fri 每周五明供圣体 8:30AM-5PM)

Beijing北京新西城区 - North Church北堂: Xishiku Church西什库救世主堂 西 什库教堂福传中心 (Address: 33, Xishiku Main Street, Xicheng District, Beijing北京西城区西什库大街33号 Tel电话66175198-108) (公交车往府右街下车向北行50米  Bus公交车 103,109,101, subway line 4 to Xishiku地铁4号线在西四站下车向东行500米) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 6,7,8,10am, 6pm; Mon-Sat平日 6,7am)(adoration Wed 每周一明供圣体 8AM-5PM)

Beijing北京新西城区 - West Church西堂: Xizhimen ChurchBeijing北京 - West Church西堂: Xizhimen Church西直门圣母圣衣堂 西直门天主堂的博客 (Address: 130, Xizhimennei Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing北京西城区西直门内大街130号 Tel电话66537629) (Bus 7,105,111,808 to Xikai Hutong, subwaylin4 to Xinjiekou exit D and walk West 100 meter or line 2, 13 to Xizhimen and walk East 300 meter 地铁 4号线新街口站D出口 或 2号、13号线西直门站 A出口向东300米) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 8:30am, 11am Fench法文, 6:30pm; weekday平日 7am; 1st Fri 6:30pm French法文)(adoration Wed 每周三明供圣体 8AM-5:30PM)

Beijing北京新东城区 - East Cathedral东堂: St. Joseph's Wangfujing Cathedral王府井圣若瑟堂(Address: 74 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing东城区王府井大街74号 Tel电话65212161/65240634) (公交车线路Bus 103,104,108,111,420,614,特11 to Dengshixikou灯市西口下车; subway Line 5 to Dengshikou地铁5号线在灯市口下车A出口由柏树胡同往西500米) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 6:15,7,8AM, 4PM English英文; Mon-Sat平日 6:15, 7AM)(adoration Thu 8AM-5PM每周四明供圣体)

Beijing北京新东城区 - St. Michael's Church: Dongjiao Minxiang Church东交民巷圣弥额尔天主堂 (Address: 13, Dongjiaominxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing北京市东城区东交民巷甲13号 Tel电话65135170) (Subway Lin 2,5 to Chongwenmen exit A walk west 600 meter地铁5号线崇文门A出口2号线崇文门B出口沿 东交民巷向西行300米至台基厂路口) (公交车线路Bus 41,103,104 to Taijichang St. 台基厂路口东下车沿台基厂路向北行100米至东交民巷路口; (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 7, 8am, 10:30(Korean韩文), 6pm; weekday平日 6:30,7am) (adoration Tue 每周二明供圣体 8AM-5:30PM)

Beijing北京新东城区 - 南岗子圣女小德肋撒堂 (崇文区幸福大街永生巷6号 Tel电话67143341) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 8am; weekday平日 7am) 

Beijing北京朝阳区 - 平房耶稣君王堂 (朝阳区平房正街87号 Tel电话85574676) 公交车线路Bus 350 平房东口下车; (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 7am; 2nd Sun每月第二主日 10:30am Korean韩文; weekday平日 7,8am)

Beijing北京海淀区 - 正福寺君王堂 (位于北京市海淀区西四环四季青桥东北角方向 Tel电话13522106714) 公交车线路Bus 360快,714,33,334在黄庄东站下车,向西行板井路路南路口向南行约200米右转; (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 8:30am; 周五 6:30pm)

Beijing北京海淀区 - 北京修院圣弥额尔堂 (后八家神学院內 Tel电话13651365727) 小营翠微广场南边,学知院车站每主日早7:40有专车接; (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 8:30am; weekday平日 7:30am)

Beijing北京海淀区 - 西三旗弥撒占 (Tel电话13366099714) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 4pm)

Beijing北京海淀区 - 西北旺骨灰堂 (Tel电话13366099714) (Mass弥撒: 8am)

Beijing北京丰台区 - 平房耶稣君王堂 (朝阳区平房正街87号 Tel电话85574676) 公交车线路Bus 350 平房东口下车; (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 7am; 2nd Sun每月第二主日 10:30am Korean韩文; weekday平日 7,8am)

Beijing北京丰台区 - Dongguantou Church东管头天主全能堂& nbsp;(丰台区卢沟桥乡东管头村 Tel电话63493436) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 6:30pm(Sat周六), 8:30am; weekday平日 7am)   

Beijing北京丰台区 - 长辛店玫瑰圣母堂 (丰台区长辛店教堂胡同41号大街) 公交车线路Bus 六里桥乘917慢东,长辛店南口站下车 (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 8:30am; weekday平日 7am)

Beijing北京通州区 - 贾后疃圣母无染原罪堂 (通州区潞城镇贾后疃村 Tel电话61525005)

Beijing北京通州区 - 牛枚屯圣若瑟堂 (通州区西集镇牛枚屯教堂 Tel电话61511134)

Beijing北京通州区 - 龙庄圣母无染原罪堂 (通州区漷县镇龙庄天主堂 Tel电话13521114659)

Beijing北京通州区 - 双阜头弥撒占 (通州区宋庄镇双阜头村 Tel电话13261922688)

Beijing北京通州区 - 六合村弥撒占 (通州区宋庄镇六合村 Tel电话13811383712)

Beijing北京通州区 - 王庄弥撒占 (通州区西集镇王庄 Tel电话13910753158)

Beijing北京通州区 - 通州弥撒占 (通州区云景里大街花涧溪底商 Tel电话15101680507) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 2pm)

Beijing北京大兴区 - 西胡林圣母无染原罪堂 (大兴区榆垡乡西胡林教堂 Tel电话89213450) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 7am; weekday平日 7am; 每日明供圣体 8-9:30pm)

Beijing北京大兴区 - 牛坊耶稣圣心堂 (大兴区长子管乡牛坊村 Tel电话80269103)

Beijing北京大兴区 - 求贤天主教堂 (大兴区榆垡乡求贤天主教堂 Tel电话89213064)

Beijing北京大兴区 - 黄村弥撒占 (Tel电话13718859088) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 2pm)

Beijing北京大兴区 - 西红门/金星/亦庄弥撒占 (Tel电话18710135490)

Beijing北京门头沟区 - 后桑峪耶稣圣心堂 (门头沟区斋堂镇后桑峪天主堂  Tel电话61817545) 

Beijing北京门头沟区 - 曹各庄天主教堂 (门头沟区永定镇 曹各庄教堂 Tel电话13611217053) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 8:30am)

Beijing北京门头沟区 - 后桑峪耶稣圣心堂 (门头沟区永定 Tel电话15101680507) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 2pm)

Beijing北京石景山区 - 石景山露德圣母祈祷所 (石景山区老山东里小区內 Tel电话18710135490) 地铁1号线八角游乐园站A出口; (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 7am; weekday平日 7:30-8:30am; 平日 朝拜圣体8:30-9:30am; 周五7-7:30pm堂区祈祷小组朝拜圣体,7:30-9pm圣经学习)

Beijing北京延庆区 - 永宁耶稣圣心堂 (延庆区永宁镇阜民街黄甲巷7号 Tel电话60172693) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 10am)

Beijing北京昌平区 - 燕子口天主堂 (昌平区长陵镇燕子口天主堂 Tel电话60763679) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 7pm)

Beijing北京昌平区 - 天通苑弥撒占 (Tel电话13651269418)  公交车线路Bus 432,523 到东一区下车,向前走100米,十字路口的路南; 758,849,快3支到环岛下车,往回走100米十字路口西面

Beijing北京顺义区 - 顺义区弥撒占 (顺义区南法镇西海洪村中心街2号 Tel电话13701125135)

Beijing北京房山区 - 立教村露德圣母堂 (房山区琉璃河镇立教村天主堂 Tel电话61391623)

Beijing北京房山区 - 房山区良乡弥撒占 房山区良乡陶瓷厂(昊天温泉家园小区底商) Tel电话13260428848) (Mass弥撒: Sun主日 3pm)

Beijing北京平谷区 - 滑子村弥撒占(平谷区金海湖镇滑子村) Tel电话15911014164) 

Cangzhou - Cangzhou (Xian) Diocese沧州(献县)教区

Fenyang Diocese

Hebei HanDan - HanDan Diocese河北省邯郸教区

Hengshui - Hengshui Diocese

Liaoning - Liaoning Archdiocese

Shaanxi Province - Zhouzhi County - Zhouzhi Diocese

Shanghai - Shanghai Diocese上海教区; Shanghai Church directory; Shanghai Church map

Shanghai - Puxi上海沪西总铎区: The Cathedral of St. Ignatius徐家汇圣依纳爵堂 (Address: 158 Puxi Road, Shanghai 200030) (Mass: Sat 4:30PM, 6PM; Sun 7AM, 8AM, 10AM, 12PM(English), 6PM; Weekday Mon-Sat: 6:15AM, 7AM. 1st Fri 6PM)

Shanghai - Puxi: St. Francis Xavier Church (Address: 185 Dongjiadu Road, Shanghai 200010)

Shanghai - Pudong上海浦东新区: Sacred Heart of Jesus耶稣圣心堂(张家楼) (Address: 151 Hong Feng Lu, Shanghai 201206) (Mass: Weekday Mon-Sat 7AM; Sun 7:30AM in Summer/8AM in Winter, 10:30AM(English), 6PM)

Shanghai - Luwan上海卢湾区: St. Peters International Church圣伯多禄堂 (Address: 270 South Chong Qing Road, Shanghai 200025) (Mass: Weekday Mon-Sat 7AM; Sat 5PM(English), 6:15PM, Sun 6:30AM, 8AM, 10:30AM, 12:00PM(English)) (Adoration: 8AM - 9PM daily in Room 111; Benediction after 1st Fri mass)

Shanghai: St. Francis Xavier's Church 上海黄浦区董家渡圣方济各•沙勿略堂(Mass: Weekday Mon-Sat 7AM; Sun 8AM, 10:30AM(English), 12PM(English)) (Email:

Shanghai - Sheshan: Our Lady Help of Christians (Sheshan Hilltop Marian Basilica, Shanghai 201602)

Shenzhen深圳 - St. Anthony's Catholic Church of Shenzhen圣安多尼堂区 (Address: 65, Nonglin Road, Futian District, Shenzhen) (Mass: Weedkay Mon-Fri 7:30AM; Sat 8PM, Sun 9AM Chinese, 11:30 English; 1st Fri/Sat 8AM; Adoration Thu 8AM)

Shenzhen - Nantou Catholic Church (Address: 210, Chaoyang Bei Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen) (Mass: Sun 6:30, 8:30AM)

Sichuan - Leshan Diocese Dongpo Church

Taiyuan Diocese太原教区关于信德年内六次主题启动礼安排

Tianjin - Tianjin Diocese天津教区

Xi'an - Xi'an Diocese西安教区; Xi'an Diocese directory

Xingtai - Xingtai Diocese

Xuanhua Diocese

Yichang - Yichang Diocese

ZheJiang Province浙江省 - ZheJiang Diocese; Hangzhou Diocese杭州教区; Ningbo Diocese; Ningbo Diocese directory; Wenzhou Diocese ; Wenzhou Diocese directory; Taizhou Diocese; ; Taizhou Diocese directory

Seminary 修會

Hebei Seminary

Shanxi Seminary

Shenyang Catholic Seminary

Other Catholic sites in China 中國其他網站

Taiming Salesian Home for Children

Sapientia Press House in Beijing

Faith Online (Catholic newspaper in China) (chinacatholic)

The communication of Catholic Church in China(ccccn)


Tian Ren Rainbow(tianren)

Tian Zhu Jiao (tianzhujiao)

Sacred Heart of Jesus(yssx)

Jesus Icon(; Jesus Icon(

Mary Icon(; Mary Icon(

Chinese bible; English bible(

Christian Community Bible (kaleren)

Bible motion picture website

Shepherd's Meadow(tmcy)

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Chinese Catholic Church in Eurpoe 歐洲

London: London Chinese Catholic Center, UK

Paris: Paroisse Chinoise A Paris

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Chinese Catholic Church in Hong Kong 香港

Hongkong: Church Directory

Catholic Institute for Religion and Society

H.K. Holy Spirit Study Center

H.K. Holy Spirit Seminary

Hongkong Diocese

Hongkong Diocesan Audio-Visual Center

Hongkong Diocesan Audio-Visual Center Kat Radio: sermon audio programs

Hongkong Diocese Kungkaopo

Hongkong Diocesan Office for Laiety Formation

Hongkong Family Movement

Hongkong Diocesan Office for Laiety Formation: cassette; cassette order form; Formation Program; What is new

Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision

Renewal in the Spirit Community

Hongkong Diocese Liturgy Commision Rosary Mistery; Rosary meaning

HongKong St. Anthony's Church

HongKong Federation of Catholic Students

Hong Kong Chinese Univeristy Katso

HongKong City University Katso

HongKong PolyU Catholic Society

Hong Kong Baptist University Catholic Society

Lingnam University Catholic Society

Chu Hai College Catholic Society

HongKong University Catholic Society

HongKong University of Science and Technology Catholic Society

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Chinese Catholic Church in Macau 澳門

Diocese of Macau; Parish and churches; Catholic schools; Religious; Social Services

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Chinese Catholic Church in South East Asia 東南亞

Japan: Jesuit China Center, Chinese Catholic Community of Tokyo

Malaysia: Rainforest - Chinese-speaking Catholic group

Malaysia Chinese Catholic: Stations of the Cross

Philippines: Mary the Queen Parish (with Chinese Apostolate)

Singapore: Commission for Apostolate of Mandarin-Speaking in Singapore; Singapore: Directory of parishes with Chinese mass

Singapore: Carlo Catholic Society

Singapore: China Catholic Communication

Singapore: Archdiocese of Singapore

Singapore: The Sacred Heart Cantonese Basic Christian Community*

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Chinese Catholic Church in Taiwan 台灣

Taiwan Diocese: Chinese Regional Bishops' Conference

Tainam Diocese

Taiwan Diocese Catechism Office (lession plans for children, youth and adults)

Taiwan Fu-Jen Catholic Univ. Focolare

Taiwan Kuangchi Press

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Chinese Catholic Church in United States 美國

California - Bay Area Chinese Catholic Living Camp

California - Fresno: St. Genevieve's Church 斐市那市華人天主堂* 1127 Tulare Street, Fresno, CA 93706

California - Los Angeles: St. Bridget's Church 羅省華人天主教中心; Youth group (Shepherd) 510 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA

California - Monterey Park: St. Thomas Aquinas Church 聖湯瑪斯堂天主教華人傳教中心, Parish website 1501 South Atlantic Blvd. Monterey Park, CA 91754

California - Artesia: Cerritos Chinese Catholic Association 喜瑞都華人天主教聯誼會 Holy Family Catholic Church 18708 Clarkdale Ave, Artesia, CA 90701

California - El Cerrito: St. John the Baptist Church 埃賽理道市聖若翰天主教堂* 11150 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, CA 94530

California - Oakland Chinese Catholic Pastoral Center 屋崙天主教華人牧民中心 St. Leo the Great Church, 176 Ridgeway Ave. Oakland, CA 94611

California - Union City: Chinese Catholic Community of Union City Our Lay of the Rosary Church, 703 C Street, Union City, CA 94587

California - Rowland Heights: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church 羅蘭崗天主堂* 1835 Larkvane Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

California - Granada Hills: San Fernando Valley Chinese Catholic Center 天主教聖谷華人中心* 11459 Hayvenhurst Avenue, Granada Hills, CA 91344

California - Sacramento: Sacramento Chinese Catholic Community 沙加緬度華人天主教團體* 1017 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

California - San Diego Chinese Catholic Community 聖地牙哥華人天主教會, St. Therese of Carmel church, 4355 Del Mar Trails Road, San Diego, CA 92130

California - San Francisco: Holy Name of Jesus Church 耶穌聖名堂* 3240 Lawton Street (at 39th Avenue), San Francisco, CA 94122

California - San Francisco: St. Anne Church 聖亞納堂華人牧民中心* 850 Judah Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

California - San Francisco: St. Mary Chinese Catholic Center 聖瑪利天主教華人中心* 660 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

California - San Francisco: St. Monica Church 聖莫尼加堂* 470 24th Avenue (at Geary Blvd.), San Francisco, CA 94121

California - San Francisco: Sts. Peter and Paul Church Salesian Chinese Apostolate 聖伯多祿聖保祿堂華人牧民中心* 666 Filbert Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

California - San Francisco: Star of the Sea Church 海星聖母天主堂* 4420 Geary Boulevard (at 8th Avenue), San Francisco, CA 94118

California - Fremont: Chinese Catholic Community at St. Joseph 東灣區佛利蒙市 聖若瑟天主堂St. Joseph's Church, 43148 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA 94539

California - San Jose Chinese Catholic Community 聖荷西 華人天主教會 Mandarin; Cantonese

California - San Mateo: Mid-Peninsula Chinese Catholic Community 中半島華人天主教會* St. Matthew Church, One Notre Dame Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401

Florida - Miami Archdiocesan Chinese Apostolate 邁阿密天主教華人牧民中心

Florida - (Fort Lauderdale) The Chinese Apostolate, Archdiocese of Miami 邁阿密天主教華人牧民中心

Georgia - Atlanta Chinese Catholic Association 亞特蘭大華人天主教聯會

Illinois - Chicago: St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church 芝加哥華埠聖德力天主堂

Hawaii - Honolulu: Chinese Catholic Ministry of Honolulu 檀香山天主教華人教務中心

Massachutes - Boston Chinese Catholic Community 波士頓聖雅各伯天主堂

North America Chinese Catholic Communities

Chinese Catholic Spiritual Center 天主教華人靈修中心

New Jersey Chinese Catholic Apostolate 紐澤西 華人天主教會

New York: St. Patrick's Old Cathedral*

New York: Church of St. Joseph 聖若瑟天主堂*

New York: St. Teresa Church 聖德肋撒堂華人天主教中心*

New York Elmhurst: Our Lady of China Chapel, Diocese of Brooklyn 布碌崙教區中華聖母堂*

New York Brooklyn: Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Diocese of Brooklyn*

New York: Transfiguration Church 華埠顯聖容

New York - Queens: Ming Yuan Chinese School Our Lady of China Chapel

Pennsylvania - Philadelphia: Holy Redeemer Church and School 費城贖世華人天主教會

Texas - Dallas: Mission of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 達拉斯耶穌聖心堂

Texas - Houston: Ascension Chinese Mission 休士頓美華天主堂

Washington - Seattle Archdiocesan Chinese Catholic Community 西雅圖天主教華人團體

Washington, DC: Our Lady of China Pastoral Mission 華府天主教中華聖母傳教中心

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Christian Times

Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History at the University of San Francisco; The Ricci 21st Century Roundtable on the History of Christianity in China

Ricci Academic Database

Health Tips Collection (

Chinese herb medicine (

Step Forward Multimedia (Publisher)

Friends of Children with Special Needs

Life's Spring Publisher

Cantonese Characters and Culture

Cantonese pronounciation

Input Chinese characters

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