Prayer of a Sick Person

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(This is used as a reference to pray for a sick person in front of the Jesus Infant. You can use your own wordings.)

O INFANT Jesus, full of grace! Your miracles for the sick are known to me. How many maladies did You cure while You were still upon earth! How many worshipers of this, Your holy Images, can thank You for their miraculous deliverance from the most severe, painful and hopeless illness!

We realize that we can bear no hope of ever receiving a miraculous cure and the suffering is just. Yet when we recall the many sinners who worshiped You by the adoration of Your infancy in this miraculous image of Prague, or even in the veneration of pictures or statues of it, we have no fear and call to You.

O loving and merciful Infant of Prague, You have the power to heal (name of the sick) if You wish to do so. Do not prolong it, Divine Physician; if it is Your will that he shall recover from the present sickness, stretch out Your Divine little hands and take from (name of the sick person) all pain and infirmity, for You are almighty. And please do so in such a way that he will have to ascribe his recovered health to You alone, not to natural remedies.

But if Divine plans are otherwise in Your infinite wisdom, then help him to keep his soul in grace, fill him with heavenly trust and comfort, Amen.

Personal Novena (Nine Day Prayers) to the Infant Jesus of Prague

(This is a good prayer to say during the Lent for the true understanding of spiritual life.)

First Day

Venerate the holy head of the Divine Infant in order to receive the three Divine virtues:

Faith, hope and love.


Enrich within me the light of faith, I pray You. Strengthen my faith in Your miraculous Image, representing You, as the eternal King of heaven and earth, the Son of the heavenly Father and the Blessed Virgin Mary, who served You so passionately and nurtured You with loving care. O Infant of Prague, full of mercy, give me some hope, for I am afraid because of all my sins. Help me to love You in all and above all.

Second Day

One worships the royal appearance of the Divine Infant in order to gain mercy for all sins.


O dearest Infant Jesus! Remember that Your most gracious Image lay seven years in dust, forgotten in a dark room, and yet it did not lose its beauty. Cleanse the room of my soul from the dust and dirt of sin and bring back to it the original beauty that belonged to it at the time of Holy Baptism. Amen

Third Day

Venerate the eyes of the Divine Infant to gain complete victory over temptations.


Truly, I resolved never to insult You again, my dearest Jesus. Yet, I am fully aware of my changeable mind and afraid that I could break my promise under duress of temptations. My evil desires, Satan and the world do not cease trying to make me fall. For they are my sworn enemies. Where shall I look for help and find it? Where else than with You, my Infant of Prague?

Fourth Day

One adores the mouth of the Divine Infant in order to gain the love of one’s neighbor, including the love of an adversary.


How strongly You urge love of one’s neighbor and one’s enemies. You taught this by a marvelous example when You were on the cross.

Place a lock on my lips and a door before my mouth to keep me from offending my neighbor or sadden him by my tongue. Help me to live fully in accordance with the most important law of Christians, neighborly love.

Fifth Day

Adore the hands of the Divine Infant to receive strength and patience in persecution, cross and suffering.


Perhaps these broken hands of Your Image of Prague are a symbol of all Your sufferings that You endured when still a Child: Your Circumcision and Your Flight to Egypt, and all the other ones in the mysteries of the Holy Childhood. I, although a sinner, do not want to suffer. Whenever there is offense of humiliation, pain or sickness, I like to complain and carry on and show my sadness. This must change: give me patience and joy to endure, because You love a joyful giver.

Sixth Day

For sincere humility one worships the Divine Heart.


O great and most wonderful God in the shape of an Infant, how deeply ashamed am I. You are the Supreme Highness, holy and perfect throughout, and yet You are humble of heart: I, misery personified, a profound sinner, and arrogant and haughty. This is why I am without peace of mind. You could turn Your face away form me and justly so, because I am lacking virtues.

Seventh Day

Honor the breast of the Infant Jesus and you shall receive a blessed hour of death.


O merciful Infant Jesus! I come to You to pray for a happy and blessed hour of death. When my last hour approaches, please come to me. Also let Your Holy Mother and Saint Joseph stay with me. Lessen my pain and my fear, let me conquer all temptations successfully, and be merciful unto me that I may gladly give my earthly life in hopes for eternal life and reward, and absolve my sins.

Eighth Day

Adore devoutly the feet of the Infant Jesus, that you may receive merciful judgment.


O just Jesus, the Heavenly Father gave You the power and the judgment. Oh, that You could be my merciful, instead of severe, judge. Grant me the mercy to be reminded of the last judgment many times so that I may serve You truly and avoid Your condemnation. In the name of Your Holy Infancy, I pray: Do not be my judge; be my Savior.

Ninth Day

Worship in the Name of the Divine Infant, in order to win deliverance from purgatory.


I am afraid that I will have to stay for a long time in purgatory, because I am lukewarm in my repentance and much too slow in gaining all graces. Once there, I will not be able to do anything on my behalf and will have to depend on the prayers of others. The dead are quickly forgotten.

Therefore, I beg of You today, my dearest Jesus, and in the name of Your purest Childhood, deliver me soon from the pain and loneliness of purgatory. Amen